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    【CONTENTS】 January.29 2018 China Economic Weekly

    With the launch of a?large-scale cultural exploration program?National Treasure, museums become more and more popular and have been attracting an increasing number of visitors.

    CEW Editorial

    P03| Dealing with the aging of population

    Cover Story

    P16| Museums are getting “alive”

    Special Report

    P28| China reveals top-level planning of economic policy at Davos forum

    P32| The huge fine for SPD Bank


    P36| Chen Yulu: serving the real economy is the bounden duty and purpose of the financial sector


    P38| Awarding ceremony of Jack Ma Rural Teachers Award


    P42| China to act against organized crime

    P44| 2017 annual report of PPP integrated information platform project library

    P48| An analysis of the reform for public servants?in 2018


    P51| Expectations for the three deputy mayors with financial background

    P54| Why financial institutions are fond of IPO?


    P57| Lianjia’s dilemma

    P60| JD Finance

    P62| The development of China’s photovoltaic industry


    P65| GDP of 14 cities have exceeded 1 trillion yuan in 2017

    P68| Internet of Things promotes the transformative development of Wuxi


    P72| Global debt problem


    P74| “Leopard tail effect” should be avoided in China’s economic development

    P78| Truth and analysis: 31 cities and provinces’ financial performance


    P82| Blockchain Revolution

    P84| Humanoid?robot?Sophia comes to Beijing

    P87| The year of the incumbent


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