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    【CONTENTS】July.2 2018 China Economic Weekly

    China’s personal income tax threshold is expected to rise to 5000 yuan per month from the current 3500 yuan level, according to the amendment draft on individual income tax submitted on June 19.

    CEW Editorial

    P03| An analysis of cutting reserve requirement ratio and recent China’s monetary policy 

    Cover Story

    P16| Focusing on personal income tax amendment

    Special Report

    P25| The Seventh China-EU High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue

    P28| Gas shortage in Puyang

    P33| Will Dong Mingzhu remain in GREE?

    China Economic Forum

    P36| Emerging carmakers’ challenges and opportunities


    P38| The Yangtze Economic Belt


    P42| An analysis of the recent A-share market

    P44| A mid-year analysis of public offering of fund

    P48| Off-line money management trap

    P51| 37 Interactive Entertainment


    P55| Evergrande becomes largest Faraday Future stakeholder

    P58| China’s Meituan 

    Dianping files for Hong Kong IPO

    P62| 618 shopping festival

    P64| Telematics

    P66| HUNDSUN Guan Xiaolan talks about AI


    P68| Changsha’s real estate market

    P72| Financial opening-up in China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade?Zone


    P74| Devaluation of the RMB

    P77| Huang Qifan’s opinion on deleveraging in financial sector

    P81| Curbing financial Ponzi scheme through “Internet plus”


    P82| Dealing with financial irregularities


    P86| Passing through China


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